The Deadly Day

A boy is cursed by a witch to live the same horrifying day over and over again, like groundhog day, but with a serial killer chasing him.

Killer Fat Camp

Bobby’s parents sent him to fat camp. But unlike a normal fat camp, at this “camp” cannibals hook the kids up to machines and suck the fat out.

The Evil Clone

Edward has cloned himself. But his clone has disappeared. Or at least that’s what he thinks. Rather, it’s haunting him, preparing to kill him and take over his life.

No One Is Really Home

A man returns home one day to a family that looks like his, but as the night progresses it becomes obvious that they are not.

Sacrifice Hotel

A hotel is run by a cult that has chosen a particular holiday weekend to lock down the hotel and kill the guests as a sacrifice to their leader.

Tim Wakes up a Cannibal

Tim wakes up to a trashed home, no memory of what happened the day before, and a strange craving for human flesh. He spends the rest of the day trying to figure out what happened while trying to avoid killing and eating those he comes across.

The Cave Stalker

Ed discovers a cave on his property and decides to explore it. Despite being an experienced spelunker, Ed’s lights burn out, with the exception of a small backup light, deep in the cave. Now he must find his way out with the poor light, and while something seems to be stalking him.

A Voice in Peter’s Head

Peter has been hearing a voice in his head for years. It’s always been pleasant, but lately, it’s grown cranky, and jealous of his new girlfriend. Bad things start happening around Peter, and the voice is taking credit. But Peter can’t figure out how.

Twisted TV

A thief steals a TV and takes it home. After plugging it in, the TV starts showing him bad things that happen in the future, mostly to people he knows.

Another Evil Virus

A new virus spreads like wildfire, turning otherwise normal-looking people into cannibals. No one knows who is or isn’t a cannibal, causing everyone to be suspicious of their friends and family.

$1000 for a Ghost

A man opens a business that is essentially the opposite of the Ghostbusters. For a fee, he’ll unleash a haunting on anyone you choose.

Who Needs Enemies?

The Miller Family has a secret. They are cursed and all over three hundred years old. Every town they move into inherits their curse, minus the ability to live forever. Every friend they make dies. So they attempt to live in solitude. But it’s lonely.

That Crazy Karen

Karen is dead. She died accidentally but due to the carelessness of a group of kids who have been bullying her for years. Now a ghost, she decides to haunt them. This is her ghost story from her point of view.

Elementary School Mind Control

Teddy, an otherwise normal ten-year-old, who has just discovered the ability to control his friend’s minds. Thinking its funny, he starts making them do some fairly evil things. His elementary school starts to turn fairly chaotic until one day he goes too far.

Mankind’s Last Stand

In a post-apocalyptic world, a demon creature brought here by aliens from another planet has made man all but extinct. One island of fairly primitive humans remains in the south pacific, generations past the original event, and with no experience in dealing with the demon beasts. But one has just shown up.

Gladiator Island

A man wakes up in a strange island prison with a collar on. For the next few weeks, he’s forced by a wealthy, but twisted, billionaire, to fight for his life, gladiator style. Anyone who refuses to fight is executed by the collar, which is a bomb that instantly decapitated the prisoner.

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