1. An astronaut lands on a planet that appears to be populated by a diverse alien race. But he soon learns they they are all extensions of an advanced singularity.
  2. An alien is captured by the U.S. government but later discovered to be a time traveler from an advanced and evolved species of human.
  3. An alien race stationed on a ship within our own solar system remotely controls the actions and thoughts of humans on earth with the goal of destroying us from within.
  4. A new engineered nano-tech virus that turns its host into mellow pacifists infects the earth and causes substantial social change.
  5. A massive alien craft emerges from the deepest depths of the pacific. And it’s population of thousands of aliens wake from a 10,000 year cryogenic nap.
  6. An envoy of pioneering astronauts settle the first terraformed planet.
  7. In a mission to spread our population to other planets, we find a fully developed futuristic planet with no inhabitants. But our fortune turns to despair when we learn the reasons for its vacancy.
  8. Little Timmy has a secret. He has memories from what feels like a past life. But his memories are from a life that seems like it was probably lived in the future.
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