I’m starting this blog as a place to post daily science fiction ideas. Who knows where it will go…

So here’s my first one. I’m literally making it up on the spot right now…

The main character is a man who has always been fascinated by the idea of time travel. He spends years working on a time machine, and after much experimentation and trial and error, he finally succeeds in developing a device that allows him to travel through time.

Excited by the prospect of being able to explore the past and potentially change the course of history, the man decides to use his time machine to travel back to ancient Egypt. He arrives in the ancient civilization and quickly realizes that he has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the world.

After some thought, the man decides to leave behind pictorial instructions for generating electricity using a steam or coal generator. He believes that this technology could help to revolutionize the ancient civilization and bring about significant advances in science and technology.

After leaving the instructions, the man travels back to his own time, feeling proud of the impact he has made on the past. However, as he returns to the present, he begins to wonder what unintended consequences his actions may have had on the present and future. Did his actions ultimately lead to a better world, or did they have unforeseen and potentially disastrous consequences?

As the man grapples with these questions, he begins to understand the complexities and ethical dilemmas of time travel, and he realizes that altering the past is not as simple as it seems. Will he continue to use his time machine to try to change the course of history, or will he leave the past alone and accept that some things are meant to be?

So that’s it. My first science fiction brainstorming idea. Would love to hear some of your ideas. Make a comment below to share, or submit your story in my form mentioned above.

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