Thinking of creative science fiction terms can be difficult. But the right words can add a level of color to your writing that’s just not possible if you don’t get a little creative with it. Here’s a list of 100 science fiction terms you’ve maybe never heard of. Or maybe you have, but just need a great reference list! Feel free to leave any unique sci-fi terms you know in the comments below!

  1. Chrono-displacement: The act or process of moving or displacing an object or individual through time.
  2. Gravimetric flux: Variations or fluctuations in gravitational fields.
  3. Psi-wave: A theoretical wave associated with psychic or psionic abilities.
  4. Nano-symbiosis: A mutually beneficial relationship between nanotechnology and organic material.
  5. Dimensional phase shift: Transitioning or shifting between dimensions or alternate realities.
  6. Xenomorphic entity: An entity or being that is foreign, unfamiliar, or alien in form or nature.
  7. Quantum entanglement drive: A propulsion system that utilizes quantum entanglement principles for faster-than-light travel.
  8. Cybernetic augmentation: Enhancements or improvements to biological systems through technological means.
  9. Tachyon field: An area or region composed of tachyons, hypothetical particles that potentially travel faster than light.
  10. Neuro-mesh interface: A direct connection or interface between neural networks and technology.
  11. Holo-simulation: A simulated environment projected in holographic form.
  12. Morphogenic field: An energy field influencing the form and structure of living organisms.
  13. Hyperwave transmission: Rapid communication or data transfer using high-frequency electromagnetic waves.
  14. Transdimensional rift: An opening or portal leading to another dimension or reality.
  15. Quantum tunneling: The phenomenon where particles pass through barriers that would normally be impenetrable according to classical physics.
  16. Exo-suit: A powered external suit or exoskeleton worn by individuals for various purposes, such as combat or exploration.
  17. Singularity core: A theoretical or advanced power source utilizing a singularity or highly concentrated energy.
  18. Psychotronic resonance: The resonance or interaction of mental or psychic energies with technology.
  19. Antimatter reactor: A power source generating energy through the annihilation of matter and antimatter.
  20. Psionic projection: The ability to project thoughts, images, or energy telepathically.
  21. Bio-enhancement: Improvements or modifications made to biological organisms to enhance their abilities.
  22. Electromagnetic pulse cannon: A weapon emitting electromagnetic pulses to disrupt or damage electronic systems.
  23. Graviton manipulation: The control or manipulation of gravitons, hypothetical particles associated with gravity.
  24. Molecular destabilizer: A device capable of disrupting molecular bonds, causing instability in matter.
  25. Synth-organic hybrid: A being or material composed of a combination of synthetic and organic elements.
  26. Hyperlight propulsion: Propulsion technology allowing faster-than-light travel.
  27. Neural imprinting: The process of recording or transferring neural patterns or information.
  28. Temporal anomaly: A disruption or irregularity in the flow of time or space-time continuum.
  29. Quantum encryption: The use of quantum properties for secure data encryption.
  30. Plasma containment field: A field or barrier used to contain and control plasma.
  31. Cloning matrix: A framework or system for creating clones or duplicate organisms.
  32. Nanite swarm: A group or collective of nanobots working together as a cohesive unit.
  33. Astrogation: Navigation or plotting courses in space travel.
  34. Thought-transfer device: Equipment enabling the transfer of thoughts or information between individuals.
  35. Plasma conduit: A channel or pathway for directing plasma flow.
  36. Dark matter harmonics: The study or manipulation of harmonics associated with dark matter.
  37. Quantum gravitics: The study or application of gravitational forces at the quantum level.
  38. Biomechanical interface: A connection or integration between biological and mechanical systems.
  39. Transcranial stimulation: Stimulation of the brain or nervous system through external means.
  40. Quantum resonance chamber: A chamber designed to amplify or resonate with quantum phenomena.
  41. Psychogenic field: A field or aura associated with psychic or mental energies.
  42. Chronal inhibitor: A device or mechanism that restricts or inhibits changes in time.
  43. Psionic dampening field: A field or barrier designed to suppress or diminish psionic abilities.
  44. Plasma-forged alloy: An alloy created or processed using plasma technology.
  45. Hyperdimensional conduit: A passage or pathway connecting different dimensions or realities.
  46. Neuro-implant: A technological device implanted in the nervous system or brain.
  47. Teleportation matrix: A system or framework facilitating teleportation or instantaneous movement.
  48. Gravitic distortion: Disturbance or alteration in gravitational fields.
  49. Neural interface hub: A central point for connecting neural interfaces or connections.
  50. Quantum entropic field: A field related to the entropy of quantum systems.
  51. Psionic matrix: A network or structure related to the manifestation of psionic abilities.
  52. Cyborgification: The process of transforming or enhancing biological organisms with cybernetic components.
  53. Quantum flux capacitor: A device for storing or manipulating quantum flux or energy.
  54. Electromagnetic disruptor: A device capable of interfering with or disrupting electromagnetic fields.
  55. Genetic recoding: Altering or modifying genetic codes or sequences.
  56. Dimensional phasing: The ability to move or transition between different dimensions or planes of existence.
  57. Hyperspace beacon: A signal or marker used for navigation or reference in hyperspace.
  58. Neuro-hive network: A network or system of interconnected neural interfaces resembling a hive structure.
  59. Antigravity generator: A device capable of counteracting or neutralizing gravitational forces.
  60. Quantum waveform destabilization: The disruption or destabilization of quantum waveforms.
  61. Techno-organic symbiosis: A mutually beneficial relationship between technology and organic entities.
  62. Psi-nullifier: A device or mechanism designed to nullify or negate psychic abilities.
  63. Hyperbolic transceiver: A communication device operating in hyperbolic space or utilizing hyperbolic geometry.
  64. Nanotech assembler: A device capable of assembling nanoscale structures or materials.
  65. Singularity matrix: A framework or system related to the study or utilization of singularities.
  66. Psychokinetic resonance: The interaction or resonance of mental energies with physical objects.
  67. Chrono-cognition: The ability to perceive or understand temporal or time-related information.
  68. Exo-dimensional breach: A rupture or opening leading to a dimension beyond the normal or known.
  69. Neural reconfiguration: Altering or reorganizing neural pathways or connections.
  70. Quantum field manipulator: A device capable of manipulating quantum fields for various purposes.
  71. Biometric encryption: Security measures using biological data or characteristics for encryption purposes.
  72. Quantum singularity: A singularity existing or operating within the context of quantum mechanics.
  73. Transmorphic field: A field or energy affecting the transformation or alteration of matter.
  74. Nano-replicator: A device capable of replicating objects or materials at the nanoscale.
  75. Thought-reactive material: Material that reacts or responds to mental or cognitive stimuli.
  76. Gravitational wave disruptor: A device capable of interfering with gravitational waves.
  77. Neural synaptic interface: A direct connection or interface between neural synapses and external systems.
  78. Temporal displacement matrix: A matrix or system enabling displacement or movement through time.
  79. Quantum neural network: A neural network system operating based on quantum principles.
  80. Psionic amplifier: A device or mechanism amplifying psionic abilities.
  81. Electroplasmic containment: Containment of electroplasm, a theoretical substance or energy.
  82. Chrono-temporal field: A field or area combining elements of both time and space manipulation.
  83. Neomorphic adaptation: An adaptive process resulting in the emergence of new forms or abilities.
  84. Quantum phase modulator: A device capable of modulating or altering quantum phases.
  85. Plasma-wave emitter: A device emitting waves or energy related to plasma.
  86. Neuro-cybernetics: The integration or study of neurological and cybernetic systems.
  87. Gravitic pulse engine: An engine utilizing pulses of gravitational energy for propulsion.
  88. Tachyon emitter: A device emitting tachyons, particles potentially traveling faster than light.
  89. Psionic resonance chamber: A chamber or area amplifying or resonating with psionic energies.
  90. Subspace rift: A fissure or opening leading to subspace, an alternate space-time continuum.
  91. Bio-energetic field: An energy field associated with biological organisms.
  92. Quantum superposition: A quantum state where a particle exists in multiple states simultaneously.
  93. Neuro-electric interface: An interface connecting neural and electric systems.
  94. Gravitational distortion field: A field causing distortions or alterations in gravitational forces.
  95. Hyperdimensional resonance: Resonance or interactions occurring within hyperdimensional spaces.
  96. Temporal anomaly stabilizer: A device or mechanism used to stabilize or correct temporal anomalies.
  97. Quantum-locked encryption: Encryption methods utilizing quantum-locked principles for security.
  98. Exo-telekinesis: Telekinetic abilities or phenomena related to external objects or entities.
  99. Neural synaptic reconfiguration: Reorganizing or restructuring neural synapses or connections.
  100. Quantum-cybernetic interface: An interface combining elements of quantum and cybernetic systems.
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