1. Babel” by R.F. Kuang
    A highly promoted sci-fi fantasy novel that stirred considerable debate in the SFF community.
  2. Nettle & Bone” by T. Kingfisher
    A charming adventure involving a princess and a cast of lovable characters, winning the Hugo award this year.
  3. The Kaiju Preservation Society” by John Scalzi
    Controversial yet popular, this book, described as “light and catchy,” gained significant attention and acclaim despite criticisms.
  4. “Nona the Ninth” by Tamsyn Muir
    Part of The Locked Tomb series, featuring lesbian necromancers in space and nominated for major awards due to its originality and intensity.
  5. “Legends & Lattes” by Travis Baldree
    Travis Baldree’s debut novel, offering high fantasy and low stakes as an orc named Viv retires to open a coffee shop with fantastical friends. It received nominations from prestigious SFF awards.
  6. “A Day of Fallen Night” by Samantha Shannon
    A fantasy epic with political intrigue, romance, and strong female characters.
  7. “Bookshops & Bonedust” by Travis Baldree
    Cozy fantasy involving bookstore restoration and battling a necromancer.
  8. “Witch King” by Martha Wells
    Compelling epic fantasy featuring intricate world-building and a hyper-competent protagonist.
  9. “To Shape a Dragon’s Breath” by Moniquill Blackgoose
    Engaging alt-history story with dragons, indigenous perspectives, and a unique magic system.
  10. “System Collapse” by Martha Wells
    Eighth installment in the Murderbot series, a witty, action-packed sci-fi with lovable characters.
  11. “Hell Bent” by Leigh Bardugo
    Dark academia series with intrigue, love, and arcane texts.
  12. “The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi” by Shannon Chakraborty
    A middle-aged pirate mother’s quest involving magic and adventure.
  13. “Fourth Wing” by Rebecca Yarros
    High-fantasy release involving dragons, romance, and a deadly war backdrop.
  14. “Cassiel’s Servant” by Jacqueline Carey
    Follow-up to the epic fantasy Kushiel’s Dart, focusing on Joscelin’s perspective.
  15. “After the Forest” by Kell Woods
    A magical tale addressing trauma, inner strength, and determining one’s future.
  16. “Lords of Uncreation” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
    Final novel in the space opera series with dramatic set pieces and a diverse cast.
  17. “Fractal Noise” by Christopher Paolini
    Prequel to “To Sleep in a Sea of Stars” exploring an anomaly on the planet Talos VII.
  18. “Upgrade” by Blake Crouch
    Mind-bending sci-fi thriller about human evolution and a terrifying plan in motion.
  19. “Leech” by Hiron Ennes
    A gothic sci-fi masterpiece involving a doctor, parasites, and an Institute’s influence.
  20. “Not Alone” by Sarah K Jackson
    A tale of survival, love, and trust in a world decimated by a microplastics storm.
  21. “The Kaiju Preservation Society” by John Scalzi
    A venture into an alternate dimension to preserve massive dinosaur-like creatures.
  22. “In the Lives of Puppets” by TJ Klune
    A queer retelling of Pinocchio’s tale involving a strange family and dark pasts.
  23. “War Bodies” by Neal Asher
    Rebellion in a world ruled by machines, featuring a human seeking help from the Polity.
  24. “Sea of Tranquillity” by Emily St. John Mandel
    Parallel worlds and multiple possibilities intertwine in a compelling narrative.
  25. “Weaponized” by Neal Asher
    A thrilling, action-packed story involving human clones and implanted knowledge.
  26. “Rabbits” by Terry Miles
    A dangerous underground game with mysterious rewards and rising body counts.
  27. “Children of Memory” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
    A spanning story across generations, species, and galaxies in a colony on Imir.
  28. “Jack Four” by Neal Asher
    A thrilling standalone packed with action and a clone possessing unusual knowledge.
  29. “A Desolation Called Peace” by Arkady Martine
    A sequel involving the Teixcalaanli Empire facing an alien threat and potential war.
  30. “Invisible Sun” by Charles Stross
    A chilling dystopian adventure featuring conflicting versions of America.
  31. “The Black Locomotive” by Rian Hughes
    A tale exploring the balance between progress and ancient wisdom in London.
  32. “Shards of Earth” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
    A far-future space opera with enhanced humans and the mysterious return of an enemy.
  33. “Alien Clay” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
    A tale of survival and discovery on a distant world with profound secrets.
  34. “Stories of Your Life and Others” by Ted Chiang
    A collection of unique sci-fi stories challenging our perception of the universe.
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