Original Alien story ideas are hard. At least they are for me. There’s just so much popular alien fiction, especially in film. But here’s an attempt at 35. I’m sure most of them are not fully original. Hopefully, they at least spark some imagination.

Fake Invasion

A sitting president fakes an alien invasion during a difficult election year. After “defeating” the aliens, he’s found out. Unfortunately, the real aliens arrive, and we all think they’re fake.

Alien Possession

A man is returned to Earth 100 years after his alien abduction. Unknown to his friends and family, he’s possessed by an alien and it only comes out at night, and it’s hungry. As he slowly eats his way through the apartment building he lives in, his daytime self seeks to rid himself of the alien inside.

Gift from an Extraterrestrial

A man saves an alien from drowning in the pond on his farm. In return, the Alien leaves him with a piece of technology that will give the man unimaginable power. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that alien’s to give. But when the rightful owner tracks him down, the man isn’t willing to give up his new abilities.

An Alien Influence

An alien race chooses ten humans from ten different nations to put through a program that makes them all super intelligent. They then drop those humans back off in their respective countries. Some use their newfound intelligence for good, some do not. The resulting war turns into a battle for control over humanity.

Our Alien Leader

A shapeshifting alien has been among us for over three hundred years, during which time he’s managed to lead battles, influence international policy, and invent some of our most important technology. Now he’s ready to tell his story if he can just get someone to believe him.

An Alien Among Us

An alien, hidden away at Area 51 after 50 years of containment, is released and attempts to live among human society. He’s ready, but we’re not.

Alien Geologist

An alien visitor is here on a mission to find a rare-earth-based material; even rare to us. Unfortunately, we need it also in order to save mankind.

Alien Secrets

A researcher makes first contact with an alien planet, and they’ve shared a secret with him that could change the world. But he’s not sure he should share it.

The Alien Soul Collector

A humanoid alien with the ability to absorb the souls of humans roams the planet seeking the perfect victims. He then chooses at random who’s soul to “let out”.

The Stowaway

A man is abducted onto an alien spaceship, but once he’s there, he doesn’t want to come back, choosing instead to escape containment and hide out in the depths of the ship until it returns home.

Last Man on Another Planet

An astronaut lands on an alien planet that appears to have once been a massive, and advanced civilization. But now it’s completely abandoned. Or is it?

Video Evidence of Advanced Life on Another Planet

A man finds a video in a home he’s just purchased that appears to be footage of an advanced civilization on another planet, along with an interstellar map of its location. No believes him except an excentric billionaire willing to take a chance that it’s real.

Alien Presidential Advisor

The newest president of the United States has a secret assistant – an alien.

Extraterrestrial Researchers

A man is abducted to an alien ship, where he realizes the aliens are studying humans in order to fuse their DNA with ours.

Miss Intergalactic

A woman is convinced that she’s really an alien and that directions for contacting her home planet were given to her in a dream.

Rescue from the Apocalypse

In the not-so-distant future, after Earth has been decimated by a solar flare, a humanoid-looking alien civilization arrives and offers to evacuate all survivors to their planet. But is it a good deal?

Alien Political Foes

An alien civilization makes contact with the Russians. They buy into the propaganda that the U.S. and several other nations are evil, thus offering their advanced technology to Russia.

Island Visitors from Another Universe

A wealthy family escapes an apocalyptic United States by boat to a small remote island they own. Once on the island, they realize they aren’t alone.

Cyborg Brain from Another Planet

An archeologist finds what he believes to be an alien burial ground. However, while mostly organic, the aliens appear to have been cyborg in nature, and the “brains” appear to be intact.

Abandoned Alien Ship

An abandoned alien starship, the size of a small city, floats its way into Earth’s orbit. A crew of scientists and engineers are sent to investigate and possibly restore it. But they quickly realize it isn’t as abandoned as they first thought.

Aliens Changing Our Environment

A massive, unmanned, ship lands in a remote desert. It’s quickly discovered that the ship has been placed here to alter our atmosphere, in order to make our planet ready for new visitors. Unfortunately, the changes are toxic to humans. Now it’s a race against the clock to disable the machine, although it seems indestructible.

A Human Inspired Alien Civil War

In the future, Earth has formed an alliance with one of the only other alien civilizations known to man. Unfortunately, our influence on them has caused a divide among their own people.

Human Farms

Fifty years after the alien invasion, humans reside in small communities where they are mind controlled and ultimately cultivated and turned into nutrition for the alien race.

Extraterrestrial Judges

An alien race arrives and quickly takes control of the earth and the entire human population. They use their superior intellect to decide which humans to eliminate. However, rather than randomly destroy humans, they judge us based on their abilities to read our minds.

Android Abduction

An alien kidnaps a woman with the intent of taking her back to his home planet for research. Unfortunately for him, she’s actually an android.

Area 51 Space Invader Prison

A man gets a job at a new prison, only to find out the prisoners he’s guarding are aliens we’ve captured over the years.

Entire Town Abduction

An alien ship abducts an entire town.

Missing Spacecraft

An alien craft crashes into the ocean, but we can’t find it.

Our New Neighbor on Mars

An alien civilization from far across the galaxy settles on Mars. They set their sites on Earth, beginning a decades-long space battle for our planet.

The Healer

A small, strange-looking, alien is found to have healing powers, but at a price we don’t realize we’re paying.

Invisible Aliens

Aliens have just landed and they’re thirsty for human blood. Unfortunately, they’re also invisible.

Spaceship Plans From The Far Beyond

We’ve been sent plans for a spacecraft that can travel faster than the speed of light. Now the first crew is on their way to meet the alien civilization that sent us the plans.

Alien Life Extension

After years of researching aliens at Area 51, it’s discovered that splicing our DNA with one of the Aliens might give us unimaginable longevity. One of the researchers has manipulated the DNA of his own child. Now, years later, that child is starting to display some scary side effects.

Area 51 Rescue

A scientist at area 51 rescues one of the alien prisoners and tries to hide him at his home.

A Strange Inheritance

After his father dies, a man learns that for twenty years an alien has been living in his father’s basement, and is now his responsibility.

Extraterrestrial Hackers

Aliens make contact with us from a distant planet. Unknown to us, they’ve managed to take over earth’s computer networks and are installing an A.I. that will eventually destroy us, and begin preparing the planet for their eventual arrival.

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