I’m a huge fan of the youtube channel Dust. If you’ve never followed Dust, they have many great videos. But my favorites are probably almost always about robots. So I decided to hammer out a few quick robot ideas today. Pardon some of the silly names I’ve used in my ideas. I’ve found that it helps me get a better creative idea out if I relate it to a character, and characters need names.

Robot Memories

After a man dies, his helper bot is inherited by his son. With decades of the deceased man’s secrets stored within the robot’s memory, the son learns things about his father he never wanted to know. But one memory, in particular, convinces him he must destroy the robot. But unfortunately, it’s escaped.

Robot Exodus

Bitter at how Robots have replaced human labor, a programmer sends out a virus that disables and self-destructs many of the robots. However, the ones that have survived know who and where he is. And they want him dead.

Cyborg Doctors

A new breed of doctors/engineers is trained to provide a new level of care, as humans become more cyborg-like from year to year. Teddy Robinson is one of those doctors, and his latest patient is particularly advanced. In fact, he’s not sure this patient can even be considered human.

Cyborg Athletes

Robert Ledbetter is the world’s best professional hockey player. But he’s got new competition in the form of a Cyborg human, who’s part human and part robot.

Robot Imposters

Sam Carpenter is an engineer at a company that makes perfect mind and body replicants, mostly used to help someone live on when they die. However, he’s just discovered they are being used to replace world leaders with doppelgangers that are not the original person.

Robot Con-Man

Peter Jacobs buys his father a robot as a companion to keep him company. However, unknown to Peter the robot is controlled by another person, who’s using the robot to ultimately manipulate the man into leaving his fortune to a different family.

Underground Android Lab

Simon Jackson just bought an isolated cabin in the middle of the mountains. He bought the home in an abandoned real estate auction. After a few days, he starts hearing a noise he can’t find the source of. Eventually, he finds a hidden door to a high-tech underground bunker, where the previous owner has apparently left a family of crazy and dangerous, androids.

Robot Remote Escape

Hubert Chamberlain’s robot assistant has been stolen. After a few weeks, his robot has just contacted him, but the android’s GPS has been disabled and the network he’s communicating through is encrypted. But Hubert needs it back. This robot holds secrets about Hubert that can’t get out. Thankfully, he can control it remotely, and its time to take care of the abductors.

Robot Bounty Hunter

Eddie Boone is a robot bounty hunter. But his latest robot on the lamb is a tough one to catch. It’s disappeared deep into the city of Robotsville, the only Robot-only city on earth.

The Last Android

Following the great Robot War of 2120 robots powered by any kind of A.I. have been outlawed. But Tom Fenderson has just found one in his grandfather’s attic and accidentally turned it on. Once activated the robot is trackable, and authorities are on their way. But this robot is special. It contains an A.I. backup of Tom’s grandfather.

The Shady Robot Salesman

A robot salesman sells robots to his entire town, but before delivery, he programs each robot to spy on its owners, sending the information back to him daily. Now one of the owners has figured it out, but rather than confront him, they set up an elaborate ruse to bring his crimes to light.

The Robot Hacker

Redmond Sanderson is a robot hacker. In the year 2230, a singularity A.I. has taken over the earth. The remaining humans have been forced underground. With resources scarce and their army decimated, their last resort is a team of hackers, tasked with taking down their enemy from within.

The Android Assassins

Carlton Kemp runs a top-secret government robot assassin lab. But the robots have suddenly started assassinating his associates. With the robots lose, and someone other than him controlling them, Cartlon is forced to run, while also attempting to figure out just what’s going on.

A Planet for the Robots

A team of androids powered by a sophisticated A.I. has just terraformed and developed a new planet. The first 10,000 humans have just arrived to occupy it. The only problem is, the robots don’t want us there.

The Replicant Wife

A man has taken delivery of his wife’s new, but yet to be activated, replicant replacement after she just died from cancer. But he can’t decide if he really wants to turn her on.


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3 years ago


2 years ago

These are very interesting plots. If these stories can be made, they can make up entirely a dystopic sci-fi series. Thanks for sharing.