The year is 2090 something and Perry Pinesnickle is debating a drastic change to his life. The Simple Life Virtual Reality Company offers individuals like Perry the opportunity to live out the rest of their lives within a virtual reality pod where they consume less resources, yet live a perfectly satisfied VR existence. All it requires is that he turn over all of his possessions and agree to four hours a day of “virtual” labor, which is really just basic data-entry or call-center type work that can be performed from inside the virtual state.

But just as Perry is about to sign on the dotted line the entire system is shut down and deleted by hackers. The complex of three hundred thousand individuals almost instantly becomes chaotic as the residents realize that the lives they’ve built in their virtual world are gone. For most of them there is nothing left in the outside world.

The government quickly realizes what has happened at the massive facility and quickly quarantines it. Perry, as a result, is left inside with 300,000 very angry people. Will he rise to be the calming voice in the chaos? Or will the Simple Life VR Company burn to ground with Perry trapped inside?

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