The year is 2080 something and Ricky Willis and the rest of his five man team have been 20,000 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean for three months researching a mysterious system of structures. The structures seem to almost form their own small city, each one appearing hollow, and emitting what must be an ever enduring light, which is only visible through what appears to be glass windows.

After weeks of searching, Ricky and his team have discovered an entrance into one of the structures.

They first attempt to enter the structure using a remote drone that can send footage back to their underwater base station. But the signal is lost almost immediately upon the drone’s entry.

Unwilling to lose an important piece of equipment Ricky makes the daring decision to travel into one of the structures.

What he finds inside might forever change the understood history of the Earth. That is if he makes it back out and to the surface alive.

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