The Super Drug

The year is 2095 and a new drug has exploded in popularity after it temporarily gives users supernatural abilities.

Reclaiming Earth

In the year 2220 an elite squad of soldiers returns to Earth to reclaim it from aliens who took control a century earlier.

The Test Dummy

In the year 2400 people travel between dimensions like they currently travel between cities. John Anderson is an elite extra-dimensional traveler who's job is to check out newly discovered dimensions before they are opened to the public.

One hour of freedom

In the year 2125 citizens are allowed one hour per day as "self time". The other 23 hours are for sleeping or service. One man finds a way to use that hour to lead a revolution.

The Puppet Master

A man discovers a portal to a dimension where he learns that earth is just a massive simulation and that the institute running the experiment actually has hundreds of simulations in which minor history details have been changed. As he's discovered, he's thrown back to the wrong multiple reality.

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