These eight ideas are essentially a brain dump. They aren’t particularly anything I’ve ever thought of and I spit them out fairly fast. So please excuse any bad grammar or typos.

1. A man returns to Earth fifteen years after being abducted by Aliens. He tells the world of his wonderful experience, and that the Aliens would like to take as many earthlings back to their paradise as possible. He gains a following of millions who eventually join him in the desert for a mass abduction. The Aliens abduct them. But unfortunately the humans are quickly processed into frozen meet for the Aliens to consume on their long travels through the galaxy.

2. A magician turns a man into a woman onstage but can’t turn him back.

3. Years ago an alien space craft landed on a very remote island in the south pacific. After thirty years they’ve grown into a small colony. After discovering the colony on satellite images, the U.S. government sends a team to make contact.

4. An alien civilization capable of shrinking and growing themselves to whatever size they wish have landed hundreds of small space craft in a remote section of a South America rain forest. After a short time scoping out the Earths defenses, they grow themselves to sizes large enough to conquer several South American countries.

5. Earth has become overly populated. In an effort to thin the herd, one nation developed a virus capable of targeting subjects of a particular IQ. But is getting rid of the lesser intelligent people of the world guaranteed to make it a better place?

6. A kid realizes that he has the ability to shape shift due to a an ancient curse placed on his family.

7. In 2450 something, using a special body suit, people finally start to fly like birds.

8. A control freak husband/mad scientist installs a brain control device in his wife’s head that allows him to communicate with, and control her telepathically.

*Disclaimer. The photo above has nothing to do with these ideas. I just purchased it for another project and never used it. And it cracks me up.

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