Today’s idea was inspired by a very typical conversation in our office.

The year is 2203 and the zombie apocalypse has essentially come and passed – at least temporarily. The world is frozen due to an overzealous scientist who had the monumental but ludicrous idea to freeze the earth in order to immobilize the zombies. The aftermath has left the earth in a second ice age and most humans have retreated to large under ice cites, as the air above ice has become uninhabitable. 

As the world begins to thaw after the catastrophic global event, a small group of survivors must band together to navigate the dangerous new world. After years of being frozen, the once-dormant zombies are now thawing and beginning to stir.

The group consists of Jake, a former soldier who has been living on his own for years; Claire, a scientist who is desperately searching for a cure for the zombie virus; and Sam, a young boy who is struggling to come to terms with the loss of his family.

As they journey across the thawing landscape, they must fight off hordes of zombies and confront the challenges of a world that has been changed forever. Along the way, they will encounter other survivors who have their own plans and agendas, forcing the group to make tough decisions about who to trust.

One day, they come across a fortified camp run by a ruthless dictator who is using the zombie outbreak to his own advantage. In order to survive, the group must find a way to overthrow the dictator and take control of the camp.

But as they fight to take back the camp, they are faced with even greater challenges. The zombies are becoming more and more aggressive, and the group must find a way to stop them before they overrun the camp and destroy everything in their path.

In the end, Jake, Claire, and Sam must work together to find a way to survive in a world overrun by thawing zombies. But as they fight to survive, they will discover that the biggest enemy is not the zombies, but the darkness that lurks within themselves. Can they overcome their own fears and doubts in order to survive, or will they succumb to the dangers of the new world?

It’s been thirty years since the initial freezing and humans have become increasingly anxious to thaw the earth and resume a life that many only know from stories passed down from the previous generations.




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