Today’s idea was inspired by a very typical conversation in our office.

The year is 2203 and the zombie apocalypse has essentially come and passed – at least temporarily. The world is frozen due to an overzealous scientist who had the monumental but ludicrous idea to freeze the earth in order to immobilize the zombies. The aftermath has left the earth in a second ice age and most humans have retreated to large under ice cites, as the air above ice has become uninhabitable. 

It’s been thirty years since the initial freezing and humans have become increasingly anxious to thaw the earth and resume a life that many only know from stories passed down from the previous generations.

The only problem is that to thaw the ice would also be to thaw the zombies. A plan is devised to thaw the planet one section at a time and essentially go to war with the zombies as each section thaws, finally and permanently ridding the planet of their terror.




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