The year is 2170 something and Earth has long been taken over by alien slave traders. Humans have been reduced to a product, bought and sold across the galaxy. The aliens that primarily purchase humans are considerably larger, and humans are considered especially valuable due to the dexterity of their hands and ability to work in tight spaces.

One human by the name of Dexter Bicklesnickle has just landed with a number of other slaves on a planet in a nearby solar system. This particular planet only has one purpose which is to supply the rest of the known galaxy with an important energy resource. Dexter is quickly assigned as a mechanic to work on one of the most important mining machines, which has broken down 20,000 feet below the surface. The work is considered far too dangerous to send a non-human so Dexter is sent alone.

But what he finds so far below the surface might prove to be his only chance to rescue humanity. Will he have time to act before the aliens figure out a way to stop his new found advantage?

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8 years ago

Hi Richard ,you have some great ideas,great way to keep the mind active.
I wrote a sci_fi novel last year and put it on amazon,thought it was original with great ideas and i’m half way through my second.
It’s disheartening sometimes when the ideas are great but no one is interested.
Keep up the great work.