The year is 2090 something and Robert Jimsnicker has just finished his greatest invention, the invisibility bodysuit. In his excitement he makes the grave mistake of posting a demonstration of the bodysuit on Facebook. The video racks up 40 million views in just a few hours.

The next morning Robert is discovered by his neighbor dead on the lawn. And the bodysuit is gone. Now the FBI, CIA, local police and a handful of other unsavory characters are on the search for the culprit. But one local detective who knew Robert well thinks he has the clues to crack the case.

Is the culprit just a regular bandit who just scored his greatest theft? Or a worldwide terrorist organization that coincidentally has a sleeper cell down the street? Or perhaps it was a local organized crime family that Robert just happened to owe some money too?

Regardless, the suit is in the wrong hands. Will it be found before it leads to a much greater tragedy?

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