I’ll start this review with the disclaimer that it is my first-ever online review of a movie. And I had no intention of doing any reviews on this site. But then I watched Interstellar.

I don’t know how I manage to miss the memo on a lot of big blockbuster movies. Especially Christopher Nolan films. Inception is one of my favorite movies and I had no idea what it was about until I was fifteen minutes into it. I always end up seeing these movies because I watch a lot of movies. But I often know nothing about them prior to the Friday evening I decide to rent from the Redbox or order on-demand. It’s probably because with a six and two year old I have very little ability to see any movies in the theater beyond kid friendly films.

So Interstellar was no exception. I had heard it was good but knew literally nothing about it.

If you haven’t seen or heard of this movie, its basically about humanities last opportunity to find another inhabitable planet before the entire earth is overcome with a 1920s like Dust Bowl. The movie takes place in what has to be the near future in which a guy named Cooper (McConaughey) is an astronaut turned farmer after the government has basically decided that space travel is pointless and needs their brightest minds farming. But somehow his farm ends up being insanely close to a secret reboot of NASA, of which he is mysteriously given coordinates to by some kind of gravitational force in his daughters bedroom. He is then very quickly brought up to speed on a secret government mission to travel through a recently discovered wormhole in hopes of finding a new home for earths inhabitants. And here’s the kicker. He’s the best pilot for the job. The last to know… but the best.

As I read that now… it seems like a really cheesy plot. But it does not in any way come across that way as your watching it. I’ve never in all of my life subconsciously forgiven such a ridiculous and impossible plot. Frankly, Big Hero 6 is more believable than this movie. And I still didn’t care.

I don’t really care to go into the plot. You can watch the movie. But the brilliance in this film is that beyond the overly convenient and simplistic dramatic plot, the sci fi is unique and pretty awesome. The entire movie takes place in the near future with technology that actually looks achievable within our lifetime – were our government willing to fund it. It should make every single one of us excited about space travel and supporters of NASA.  I mean… what are we going to fly into a wormhole with, should we discover one? We need to be getting prepared.



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