Zombie on Mars

A new virus has struck on Mars, turning a colony’s inhabitants into zombies. One last habitat has managed to remain locked down while the rest of the planet is devoured.

Time Travel Alien Invasion

A time traveler travels to the future into the middle of an alien invasion. But he has an idea to use his time travel knowledge to change the course of history in order to defeat the aliens.

Human & Android — Mars & Earth War

The eventual battle between Earth and Mars takes place between humans that colonized Mars and an army of androids that have taken over Earth.

Virtual Reality Alien Invasion

All humans are living in virtual reality pods, almost matrix-style when aliens arrive.

The Mind Reader and the Mad Scientist

A mind reader uncovers a mad scientist’s plan to create a device to control the minds of others.

Underwater Civilization

Humans colonize the ocean floor after androids take over, and use teleportation to move from the surface to the ocean floor as they spy on the androids.

Time Travel Warning

A man arrives from the future in order to warn humans of an upcoming alien invasion.

Space Pirate Invasion

A group of cryogenically frozen astronauts is intercepted by a group of space pirates.

Jurassic Aliens

A group of archeologist bringing extinct creatures back to life through cloning, uncover preserved alien DNA and use it to create an alien clone.

The Alien & A.I. War

In the middle of a battle on earth between humans and an advanced A.I. civilization, aliens arrive, having fled their own planet after a similar A.I. uprising. Instead of fleeing another planet, they help the humans battle the A.I. army.

History Buff Superhero

In a future world, humans have been using genetic modifications for decades to give themselves supernatural powers. Now one of them has figured out time travel and uses his machine to travel through time to use his supernatural abilities to interfere with historical events.

Exclusive Earth

In a dystopian future, the Earth is reserved strictly for the wealthy, while the poor are shipped off to live on the crowded moon and mars.

Mad Astronauts

On a future Earth, a post-apocalyptic gang has come into contact with a space ship full of astronauts from the past (sort of like the space travelers in the planet of the apes, but instead they landed in a Mad Max movie).

The Friendly Alien

A friendly alien befriends a kid in the middle of an invasion by another unfriendly alien species.

The Earthling Assistant

An earthling space traveler is held prisoner on a dying alien planet but has a solution for saving the planet if he can just get them to adequately communicate with him.

Alien Zombie Virus

An intergalactic starship returns to earth, bringing with it a virus that turns the future earth population into zombies.

The Singularity and the Time Traveler

The singularity has taken control of earth and rules over humans by controlling their brains, all part of the hive. However, a time traveler from the past has just shown up, and he must avoid becoming part of the hive.

The Alien Truce

An alien species breaks into an intergalactic earthling space station and slowly devours the crew until one of the crew members manages to befriend it.

The Returned Human

A space traveler far in the future returns to long abandoned earth after the atmosphere broke down, forcing humans to leave. He’s returned with the assignment to find an element important to a research project on a now human-inhabited and distant planet. However, unknown to him earth’s population has resurged in civilizations built under the ocean.

The Teleportation Collaboration

Contact is made with a distant planet, far too distant to actually travel to, until two scientists, one from each civilization, start a joint project to connect our two planets with a teleportation device. But when the day comes to use it, the end result is far different than the earth scientist’s intentions.

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