Johnny’s a man with a shady past and he’s just been identified as the assassin of the United Federation of Nation’s 20th president. Thankfully there’s a solution for guys like Johnny – The Eraser Man. For a large fee the Eraser Man is a mad scientist who can not only change your life, but also change everyone else’s perception and memory of you. But his service requires an interference with the Universe that isn’t always a positive experience for his clients. As he wipes away one problem, others are often created. And Johnny just might be his most unlucky customer yet.

Potential story questions?

  • Does Johnny changing his own past in fact bring him closer to it?
  • Are there parts of his past so important to him that he can’t help but be drawn back?
  • Is there some person who despite the memory changes to rest of Johnny’s friends/family/acquaintances still remembers him as he was?
  • What does he give up in order to move on?
  • What kind of other disruptions in the universe does this type of manipulation cause?


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