The year is 2020 something and Tommy Appletot is working hard to save the future. Every morning at 6:30 a.m. a small box sent from the future appears on Tommy’s doorstep. Inside the box is a set of directions Tommy has to follow for that day.

The year is 2350 something and James Brickenpicker is carefully playing with destiny. Everyday he sends directions back in time to the year 2020 using a small time machine that looks like an ordinary box. He has no idea who receives the box. Only that it should appear on a the same doorstep everyday. In each box he includes directions to follow, hoping that the recipient will follow them. And each day’s set of directions are carefully crafted in order to make small put positive changes to Jame’s present time.

Is James naive to feel so confident that he can change the future for the better? Should he trust some stranger from the past to follow his directions carefully enough? At first it seems so, as James watches his own present slowly alter for the better. But what happens when Tommy decides to fulfill a task slightly different than directed? Will James’s plan unravel, or worse?

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3 years ago

I’d love to read a story or full-length novel of the Time Traveling Box.