Sheboygan Police say a man demonstrating what may be the first real lightsaber to some neighborhood kids accidentally cut his own hand off today.

The tragedy happened while inventor and lightsaber creator Jason Snipperstine was reenacting the lightsaber battle between the popular Star Wars character Yoda and the lesser loved Count Dooku. Thankfully the lightsaber catherized Snipperstine’s arm. Police however have still not recovered the severed hand, reportedly taken by one of the neighborhood kids. Or one of their dogs.

If found, police have asked that the hand please be returned to the nearest police station or hospital.

Snipperstine still plans to give the lightsaber to his son for his 7th birthday. Because it’s really just that cool.

If you’re sad that you can’t have your own real lightsaber then here’s a few cool Star Wars toys you can have.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 Molded Ceramic Mug Star Wars Classic Peel and Stick Wall Applique Star Wars Jedi and Droids Nesting Dolls Star Wars C-3PO Poptaters Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Yoda Replica Life-Size Statue

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