These are 40 science fiction ideas that have to do with nuclear war, life in underground civilizations, life in underwater civilizations, zombies, eternal life, or ghost hunting. Pretty random combination, but I think this is a great list of prompts that you’re welcome to use to kick off your next writing project. A group of […]Continue Reading
Laser guns: energy weapons that use concentrated beams of light to cause damage. Plasma rifles: energy weapons that use superheated plasma to cause damage. Ion cannons: energy weapons that use ionized particles to disrupt and damage electronic systems. Plasma cannons: heavy energy weapons that use superheated plasma to cause devastating damage. Railguns: kinetic weapons that […]Continue Reading
These are 75 new science fiction writing prompts to help you get started on your next story. These are mostly broad story topics that you should be able to expand on or put a spin on to make your own great stories. Would love to know what you think about this list of writing prompts, […]Continue Reading