Prison Planet Prisoners of the future are dropped on a prison planet via teleportation and left to fend for themselves. Brain Recorder A man can secretly record information from the brains of others using nanotech. Self Replicating Army One man creates his own loyal army by developing a self-replicating warrior robot. Android Kids In a […]Continue Reading
ex·tra·ter·res·tri·al/ˌekstrətəˈrestrēəl/adjectiveof or from outside the earth or its atmosphere."searches for extraterrestrial intelligence"nouna hypothetical or fictional being from outer space, especially an intelligent one. ALIEN REALITY TVA NASA engineer discovers a communication wave from an extraterrestrial culture, allowing us to view endless amounts of footage of alien life. Networks are created that offer the ability for […]Continue Reading
Parker Murphy sat at the terminal in his bedroom, staring at the screen, tapping his desk. The earth shook slightly, as the only light in the windowless room came from his two monitors. On one screen an application was plotting the movements of each android warrior, tank, and air-droid currently waging war on the surface, […]Continue Reading