The Time Travel Thief

In the year 2120 certain valuable resources on Earth have become scarce. One man runs a smuggling operation to travel back in time and bring back items time has forgotten.

The Alien in the Basement

A boy finds a portal to an alien world in his basement.

The Alien Breeder

In the year 2430 a space traveler brings a cute alien back to earth and breads it as a new kind of pet. Eventually, the “pet’s” evil plan to take over the earth unfolds.

The Wormhole Interstate

The President of the Universe has just opened the Wormhole Interstate, allowing travelers to easily move between planets in ways never imagined.

The Inner World Upgrade

A scientist discovers how to tap a previously unknown capability to upgrade and live inside your brain. This results in most people living in their heads, in places they made up, with people they’ve imagined to life. But Ted has a new person in his inner world he doesn’t believe his subconscious created.

Alien Escape Room

April has been abducted by an alien spacecraft. But rather than being probed, she’s simply been placed in a test. The ship is empty and remote-controlled. In order for the aliens to learn more about humans, April has 48 hrs to solve a number of puzzles, riddles, and clues in order to be delivered back to earth, or ejected into space.

The Space Elevator Contractor

Ned is a blue-collar welder working on the world’s first space elevator. But he’s just been asked to make changes too the structure he feels undermines the construction. When he starts questioning the requests, he’s pulled into a complex web of lies, sabotage, and future politics.

The Past Earth

An ancient alien ship is discovered that’s been orbiting earth for thousands of years. The aliens are long gone, but aboard is an A.I. computer that’s been recording earth’s history the entire time.

The New Leaders

In the year 2450, a new race of man has been genetically modified to the point of having a wide range of supernatural abilities. For the past 100 years, they’ve treated the lower class as slaves. However, a virus has just ravaged the earth, killing all of the slaves but sparing the new race, as they are apparently immune. Now that they no lower class, they can only look to rely on themselves.

The Alien Teacher

A small group of Aliens has chosen to relocate to Earth. However, the have chosen to live in complete secrecy as humans. Adam, a real human, is tasked with educating them on the ways of human life.







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