In the year 2140 the nuclear apocalypse we feared for over 100 years finally happened. As earth is decimated – rendered uninhabitable – the wealthiest of its population fled to an immense luxury space station. Now two hundred years and a few generations later there’s hope of returning to earth when a patch of green land is spotted from the space station.

Upon return they quickly realize they aren’t the only one’s ready to re-populate the surface. The green surface they were surprised to find was actually cultivated by a group of subterranean inhabitants who already have plans for the land and are not keen to share it.

Story Questions

  1. Which group is more aggressive? The space station citizens or the subterranean people?
  2. Does this lead to an all out battle? Or something more covert?
  3. How elaborate is the subterranean civilization?
  4. How large is each population? Who are their leaders?
  5. How are the subterranean people terraforming? Do they have advanced technology or are they more primitive than the space station people?
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