Life Swap An inventive technologist launches a business that allows people to swap lives with other willing individuals. They're Already Here Back in the 1920s an alien race seeking refuge landed on earth on a small island in the south pacific. For a hundred years they've managed to keep the island cloaked and secret from […]Continue Reading
An astronaut lands on a planet that appears to be populated by a diverse alien race. But he soon learns they they are all extensions of an advanced singularity. An alien is captured by the U.S. government but later discovered to be a time traveler from an advanced and evolved species of human. An alien […]Continue Reading
A spaceship larger than Earth shows up and blocks the sun. An alien capable of rapid cloning lands and quickly starts to replicate. Surveillance nano technology creates a future in which we never know if we’re being watched. A new technology allows us to preview the outcome of certain decisions. A man travels into the […]Continue Reading