Fellow Sci Fi writers, I’m looking for a few good guys and gals to help me grow this website.

Working on a current novel or short story? Send us the first few pages or even the entire story if it’s under 10,000 words. Got an idea you’ve been wanting to share for a while but just don’t have an audience for feedback? Send it on over!

My goal in this site is to grow a community of writers where we cannot only promote a few ideas, but eventually generate enough traffic in order to share our more serious work with an audience of regular readers.

Submission does not guarantee publication. So make it your best. Stories or ideas between 500 and 2000 words will have a better shot.

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Let us know what you think about our ideas! Comment below to give us your opinion, add onto an existing idea, or submit one of your own!

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3 years ago

I had a cool thought.. Someone should write a story around it.