The year is 1950 something and little Tommy Snicklewitter suspects something is not quite right with his neighbor Charles.

Charles is normally a happy-go-lucky guy. But lately he seems paranoid and distracted. And although Charles lives alone Tommy sleeps with his window open and often hears Charles talking to himself at night. Tommy decides to investigate. One night he sneaks up to Charles’s living room window and takes a look inside. Charles is sitting on the floor staring at what seems to be an infinitely bright light coming out of the ceiling. He notices Tommy spying on him, and as they make eye contact something quickly comes out of the light like an arm, grabs Charles, and pulls him up into the light.

Afraid of getting in trouble for snooping, Tommy runs home, goes to bed, and tries to forget what he’s seen.

The next morning as he’s leaving for the bus, Charles is on his front porch reading the paper. He stands up and yells at Tommy, “They said they’re done with me and will be visiting you tonight!”

That night, just as Charles promised, they came for Tommy. And brought him back just before dawn the next morning. And every morning after that.

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