The year is 2090 something and Robert Jimsnicker has just finished his greatest invention, the invisibility bodysuit. In his excitement he makes the grave mistake of posting a demonstration of the bodysuit on Facebook. The video racks up 40 million views in just a few hours. The next morning Robert is discovered by his neighbor […]Continue Reading
The year is 2090 something and Perry Pinesnickle is debating a drastic change to his life. The Simple Life Virtual Reality Company offers individuals like Perry the opportunity to live out the rest of their lives within a virtual reality pod where they consume less resources, yet live a perfectly satisfied VR existence. All it […]Continue Reading
The year is 2120 something and it’s been twenty-five years since an Alien virus hit Earth. The majority were genetically immune. However the virus managed to kill 33% of the Earth’s population. But a small group of fifty-five individuals survived despite being infected. Rather than grow sick those 55 grew stronger, wiser, and virtually indestructible, creating […]Continue Reading
The year is 4090 something and the world has gotten a lot bigger. Earth has long been lost to an alien race from the Magnorium Quadrant. Humans have since scattered to various corners of our own galaxy. Kip Snipsnider is a tenth generation intergalactic ship builder who’s family designed and built some of the first […]Continue Reading
Sheboygan Police say a man demonstrating what may be the first real lightsaber to some neighborhood kids accidentally cut his own hand off today. The tragedy happened while inventor and lightsaber creator Jason Snipperstine was reenacting the lightsaber battle between the popular Star Wars character Yoda and the lesser loved Count Dooku. Thankfully the lightsaber […]Continue Reading